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My Weed Shop UK is a one of a kind weed shop with a variety of cannabis products. Popular cannabis strains and weed tins Jungle Boys weed, Zkittlez, Do-si-Dos, Biscotti, Gelato, Gorilla Glue, Runtz, Animal Cookies. Popular THC Cartridge brands like Raw Garden Carts, Cookies Carts, Chronic Carts. CBD Capsules, CBD Oil, 5-Meo DMT, Bongs, Smoking Accessories and more… Our weed shop is dedicated to providing discreet, safe and and delivery services that arrive on time at your chosen location. For reasons that are obvious, we only accept payments via Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. All of our cannabis products are top shelf only, place an order and enjoy the high.

RAW Triple Flip Magnetic Bamboo Rolling Tray

£69.99  /  0.00309 Ƀ

Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1000mg

£204.00£480.00  /  0.00901 Ƀ

Shine 24k Gold Rolling Papers 2 -Pack

£14.99  /  0.00066 Ƀ

Cali Crusher 2.5in 4 Piece Clear Top Grinder

£24.99  /  0.0011 Ƀ

RAW 100 Pre-Rolled Tip Tin

£4.99  /  0.00022 Ƀ

RAW Classic 1 1/4in Rolling Papers

£1.49  /  0.00007 Ƀ

Pulsar Tap Tray

£13.99  /  0.00062 Ƀ

Higher Standards Glass Tips

£11.99  /  0.00053 Ƀ

RAW King Size Pre-Rolled Cone Pack

£7.99  /  0.00035 Ƀ

Full Spectrum CBD Oil 500mg

£180.00£570.00  /  0.00795 Ƀ

King Palm Hand Rolled Leaf Mini Rolls 4-Pack

£4.49  /  0.0002 Ƀ

Ultimate Rolling Kit

£39.99  /  0.00177 Ƀ

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